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Becoming More Eco-friendly: Reuse: Part 2

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

My previous blog post on "reusing" looked at what items I reuse in my daily life, to reduce waste. One of those items was the string that Abel and Cole boxes are tied up with.

This blog post will look at some of the items I've made out of that string, which is very versatile and strong, with a number of colours mixed into the grey string.

String bags

These bags are very easy to make but preparing the string takes quite a long time.

1. They're usually knotted roughly, so I either undo it, or cut the knot off.

2. Put the ends of one piece of string over each other, and,

3. knot them together.

4. then turn and knot again on the other side.

5. For the final knot, tie the ends so they go over the previous knots, and knot again. This makes sure that the knots won't undo later on.

Roll the string into a ball as you go, to keep it together.

I then turn the string into useful items, such as bags, like these ones:

You can buy one of these bags in my shop, here:

Or, if you'd prefer to make your own, my basic string bag pattern is as follows (UK):

  1. Chain 6, join.

  2. Ch. 1, 11 x DC into centre, join.

  3. *Ch.3, skip 1 stitch, join in stitch 3*. Repeat * to end.

  4. *Ch.4, join with sc to first loop of previous round*. Repeat * to end.

  5. *Ch.6, join with sc to first loop of previous round*. Repeat * to end.

  6. *Ch.8, join with sc to first loop of previous round*. Repeat * to end.

  7. Repeat round 6 until the bag is the length you want it. If it is too wide, repeat round 5.

  8. Ch.1, 5 x DC in each loop, all the way round.

Handle 1:

  1. Ch.30, attach 1 or 2 loops across.

  2. Ch.1, 1 x SC into each chain of handle.

  3. Ch.1, 1 x DC into each stitch of handle. Join at end.

  4. Cut string with a bit of extra - sew the ends in, where the handle meets the bag, to make the join stronger.

Handle 2:

  1. Join the string at the opposite side of the bag to the first handle. Repeat instructions for handle 1.

I have another (more complicated) string bag pattern here, in my shop:

This one is for keeping things like reusable kitchen roll, or reusable bags, in. It has a hole at the bottom, so you can put everything in the top, and pull the items out one by one from the bottom. I used some colourful wool for mine, but you can use any string or wool to make yours.

After making my string bags, I had some string left, and decided to try this pattern for a cocoon hanging basket:

It asks for 2 strands of yarn, so I used 1 strand of string, and 1 strand of green yarn (wool) that needed using up. I'm quite pleased with the result:

My next blog post will look at other things I have made from reused materials I have at home. I will also share some ideas I've seen other people doing.

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