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Becoming More Eco-friendly: Reuse: Part 3

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

My previous blog post looked at some of the items I've made out of Abel and Cole string.

In this one, I'll show you other things I've made out reused materials.

The first item is an upcycled veg bag. I got some vegetables delivered from Milk & More and it came in this lovely delicate cotton bag, which I had to cut open to get the vegetables out. It seemed a shame to throw the bag away, so I sewed up the cut ends with cotton thread to gather it, and then crocheted a top band and handles with turquoise cotton.

This would make a great gift for someone - the cotton is very soft to the touch, but it's also very practical. You can buy one here, in my shop:

I've been experimenting with turning Pringles lids into decorations - I started with Christmas-themed ones, and I've just done a Valentine's themed one this week. I painted the lid with acryllic paint and then sewed a loop of thread at the top, to hang it.

I've also been making mask bags for a few months - it's a way to reuse resealable plastic bags, to make something really useful.

I wanted a way to keep my reusable masks clean before using them, and to keep the dirty mask separately, so the germs don't contaminate my handbag.

I sew a simple bag with 2 pockets, and sew a resealable bag into 1 of them. The cotton pocket is for putting unused masks into, and the plastic pocket is for used masks.

The bag closes with a popper at the top and you can fold it in half and close at the bottom too - I did this so it fits in my handbag, like a purse.

If you'd like one, I can make you a bespoke mask bag - contact me through my Etsy page with your preferred colour:

In my next blog post I look at various ways to recycle things.

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