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One Day at a Time: Unwanted Gifts

One of the things I'm often not sure what to do with after Christmas is unwanted gifts, including packaged foods/drink. So today's suggested activity is to consider what you want to get rid of, and what the various options are for this.

Day 4: Unwanted Gifts

Here are a few options of what you could do with unwanted gifts and food/drink:

  1. Keep them until you can re-gift them to someone who will want them.

  2. Sell them online, e.g. on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay

  3. Give them away for free via:

  4. - a website for offering free stuff to local people.

  5. Facebook Marketplace (freebay groups)

  6. Olio app - an app for sharing food and other items locally.

  7. Charity shops.

  8. Or you can drop off in-date non-perishable food at your local Food Bank (many churches and supermarkets have a collection point for this), which make up food parcels for those in need (to receive an emergency food parcel people need to get referred, they can't just turn up). The Trussell Trust has set up many food banks around the UK, and there is also an Independent Food Aid Network.

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