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One Day at a Time: What can I recycle? Part three

This blog looks at some more recycling schemes for items you might use regularly.

One Day at a Time: What can I recycle?

Health, Beauty and Wellness products

Boots Chemists now have collection boxes at many of their shops, so you can return any hard-to-recycle (empty and clean) containers and packaging for recycling. This will earn you Advantage card points.

Face Mask Recycling

You can now drop off your disposable face masks in collection bins at selected Wilko stores for recycling.

If you can't get to a Wilko store, you can buy a PPE recycling box from ReWorked (buy a box, fill it with your PPE and return it to ReWorked).

Preloved tech (e.g. phones, e-readers, smartwatches)

Register your old tech on The Spring, to find out its value, and then drop it into your local Pod to recycle it, and 2-5 days later you'll receive some money for it.

Small Electronic Items

You can recycle your electronic items at your local recycling centre (check your local Council website for details), or take them to your local B&Q store recycling unit.

Lightbulbs and Batteries

These can also be recycled at your local B&Q store recycling unit

Video, Tape and Film Recycling

Not all local Council recycling centres will take videos, tapes or film for recycling.

There are some alternative options available:

CDs/DVDs: Remove your CDs/DVDs from their cases and send them to The Envirohub, Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 8NU. If you live in Devon, you can drop them off in person. Call 01392 361300 or email for more information.

Tape and Film media can be professionally recycled through Tip Top Media - contact them through their website for pricing and details.

You also can buy a Terracycle Zero Waste box, to recycle your Storage Media

Other options, if you have unusual/rare videos or cassettes is to sell them.

Plastic Plant Pots

Some local Council recycling centres will accept 'rigid plastics' like plant pots for recycling. You can also take old plastic flower pots back to some garden centres (you should see a collection of them outside the shop), or to B&Q stores (hand them to a member of staff) for recycling/reuse. Alternatively, offer them to people in online local groups, such as or Facebook Marketplace.

Wood and Old Furniture

Many companies do domestic wood collections for Community Wood Recycling - contact them for details on how to arrange a collection.

Other Items

Terracycle has many free recycling schemes for all sorts of items you can't recycle through kerbside recycling or local recycling centres. Have a look at their website for details of what items are being collected in your local area.

See my other blogs for more information on recycling through Terracycle:

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If you're unsure where to recycle something, the website Recycle Now is really helpful. You can search for local recycling options for any item. Use the Local Search function, or check the 'What to do with' list.

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