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One Day at a Time: What can I recycle? Part two

Updated: Jan 9

Perhaps, for Christmas, you were given new clothes, bedding, toys, or other items, or you bought them for yourself in the January sales? Are you wondering what to do with some of your old stuff, or want to clear a bit of space for the newer items? Today's blog will look at some of the options for this.

Day 5: What can I recycle?


There are several ways to recycle, or clear out, clothing you don't want any more:

  1. If still good quality, sell them (e.g. on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace); or give away via:

  2. charity shops - find your local Charity shops on the Charity Retail website.

  3. the Olio app


  5. Facebook Marketplace freebay groups.

  6. If past their best, recycle them through textiles/clothes banks at recycling centres (click on the link and enter your postcode to find out your local textiles/clothes banks).

See my blog post on how to sell (or give away) clothes and other items online:

One Day at a Time: Selling pre-loved items

'Down' Clothing
  • If you have any clothes with feather padding (called 'down'), made by Uniqlo, you can return these to their stores for recycling.

  • Other clothing with feather padding can be recycled through the 'Re:Down' scheme - take your unwanted or worn out 'Down' items to any alpkit store, or post it to them as instructed on the website.

Wetsuits and other outdoor gear

You can even send old wetsuits back to alpkit to be recycled through the Alpkit Continuum scheme! These will be repaired for reuse, or recycled, or upcycled, to make new products. For a list of other items they can recycle, have a look at the Alpkit Continuum website.

Down Duvets or Sleeping Bags

You can recycle these through the 'Re:Down' scheme - take your unwanted or worn out 'Down' items to any alpkit store, or post it to them as instructed on the website.

Bed Linen, Towels, Blankets, and other Household Fabric items
  • The Mattel PlayBack scheme recycles old toys that are returned to them, reusing the materials in new products, to keep them out of landfill. The UK scheme currently takes Barbie®, Matchbox™ and MEGA™ toys.

  • The Toys4Life scheme takes old reusable toys, gifting them to children in need (and recycles those items that are not re-usable). You can drop off your items to their collection banks.

  • The Lego Replay scheme (currently only available in the US and Canada) takes old Lego bricks, cleans and sorts them, and gifts them to children in need

  • You can also send toys by post to the 'Give Back Box' scheme, which then get sold by charities to raise money. It's like reverse online shopping.

Other Items

If you're unsure where to recycle something, the website Recycle Now is really helpful. You can search for local recycling options for any item. Use the Local Search function, or check the 'What to do with' list.

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