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One Day at a Time: Wood

Continuing my blog series about different materials...

This week's material is wood, which seems particularly appropriate in Holy Week (the week leading up to the Easter weekend), when many groups of Christians are undertaking pilgrimages, walking long distances while carrying a wooden cross to various holy places around the country. For example, the Northern Cross to Lindisfarne. The cross on the left is from a group of walkers I know, who are doing a pilgrimage from England into Wales, as part of their preparation for the Lay Community of St Benedict Easter celebrations.

Wood is naturally biodegradable, but, as trees take a long time to grow, finding ways to reuse and recycle wood helps the environment and reduces waste.


Organisations such as Community Wood Recycling, take commercial and domestic waste wood for resale, reuse, and recycling. The Wood Recycler's Association have a very helpful article on how waste wood is recycled and reused.

To find out where you can recycle any waste wood you have at home, go to Recycle Now website and enter your postcode. Here is what information came up for my local area:


If you have old pieces of furniture you don't want/need any more, or other wooden items, you can:

  1. Sell them online, e.g. on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay

  2. Give them away for free via:

  3. - a website for offering free stuff to local people.

  4. Facebook Marketplace (freebay groups)

  5. Olio app - an app for sharing food and other items locally.

  6. Charity shops.

Here's a previous blog I wrote, with tips on Selling pre-loved Items.


Just over a year ago, I remember the news of The Lampedusa crosses, made from the wreckage of a capsized refugee boat. It made me realise that re-using materials can have so much more meaning than making something from new materials.

I've also just discovered this blogger, 'Homeward Found', who makes things out of found objects; and the artist Tony Fredriksson, who makes sculptures out of driftwood.

When I discovered the delights of Vegan icecream bars last year (a wonderful thing, as I'm dairy intolerant), I ended up with lots of icecream sticks! I didn't want to just throw them away, so I started making stick dolls out of them. Here's some I made last year:

A few months ago someone was giving away icecream sticks and wooden spoons (via my local Facebook Marketplace freebay group) to use for crafts, and here are a few dolls I've just finished making out of some of them:

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